Stas RSort AirJet

Stas Cherry sizer

Stas stone fruit sorter (apricots, nectarines, plums and peaches)
The electronic RSort AirJet can be seen as a revolutionary development that started in 2007 from the then mechanical cherry lines. They separate the different sizes and colours with great precision and speed, resulting in better market prices and lower sorting costs.

Each conveyor of the RSort AirJet conveyor belt runs at a speed of up to 32 units per second, resulting in high productivity while maintaining the division and accuracy.

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Stas CSort

Stas Cupsizer for apples, pears, tomatoes and peppers,…

STAS NV Belgium has its roots in the Hageland, an area where many conference pears and apples have traditionally been grown and we know better than anyone that pears and apples differ greatly from each other in taste, firmness, shape and quality.

Because of our experience, this no longer has to be a challenge and we are the perfect partner to help you make the right choices and guide you through the sorting and packing process.

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