Underwater filler for apples and pears

Waterbinfiller for Apples and Pears

Our underwater fillers are characterised by their short channel filling, high degree of robustness, speed and efficiency, but above all by their compact design and the opportunity to save more than 50% of the space traditionally required. An additional advantage is that both pears and apples can be filled and due to the sustained innovation, bags can be filled with apples up to >320kg and pears up to 420kg.

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Dry filling of big bags

Stas Dry bin filler

Our Bin filler is the solution for the dry filling of big bags. Single and double fillers are available. An innovative design with the necessary electronics technology ensures a constant flow of your fruits.

The equipment has been set up to operate in such a way that it does not turn unnecessarily and therefore cannot cause any damage.

  • Easy-use concept
  • Capacity: 10 / bags / hour
  • Weight: 250 kg
  • Model left / right
  • Fully automatic / manual
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