You do not automatically become a global leader. STAS NV Belgium has achieved this with continuous consistent product quality, service and dedication over many years.

The STAS company was founded 70 years ago and is market leader in water flow technology. We innovate and produce high-end machines and peripherals for fruit and vegetables. Technologies, hardware and software are developed and assembled in-house.

At STAS NV Belgium, the facilities, the modules and the special software are all developed in-house, which makes us unique. 10 percent of our employees work in the R&D department. Our technicians are continually working on the further development of new solutions and technologies.

Market demand determines the development of our sorting facilities. We maintain close contact with producers and customers.

Water as a conveyor system for your fruit
With our underwater unloading systems (portal dumpers and compact dumpers) the bags are carefully immersed in a water basin and after being led to the sorting machine via dryers, brushes and line-up v-channel, their contents arrive neatly and dried at the packing stations. Conveying using water neutralises the risk of damage. We are the first in the market to have specialist solutions for non-floating fruits such as Conference pears. The water purification and complete water treatment is also an important point of attention and this can be included in a total solution.

Continuous delivery of fruits, from fast to servo
Our systems are such that an automatic solution has been developed for each capacity, our servo portals currently have a cycle processing time of 32 seconds per bag. This translates into a capacity of >100 bags per hour, irrespective of the type, size and height of the bags.

Continuous delivery

Better alignment of the fruit
The quality of the whole is determined by the quality of the various discharging machines. Here STAS NV Belgium provides the difference when compared to its competitors. Transitions are avoided or reduced to a minimum. Examples of these include our systems with unique V-conveyors, systems with hydro dryers and systems with small rubber discs that carefully lift fruit out of the water.

Better alignment of the fruit

Optimal drying
STAS NV Belgium offers you a variety of techniques for drying your fruit. We have solutions whereby your fruit is dried with cold or warm air. It is also possible to dry your fruit with, for example, sponges, fans, @AirJet or a combination of the systems. Service and ease of use are paramount. Our dryers and other feeding systems are very easy to access, quick to dismantle and to clean.

Optimal Drying

Innovation in packing
The development of our acclaimed Combipack conveyor belt has already been copied by most of our competitors. Are you looking for an efficient and ergonomic solution for manual packing and for someone who does it just that little bit better? STAS NV Belgium offers a wide range of solutions and innovates in consultation with the customer and knows how to create that unique solution.

Innovation Packing

Dry filling of big bags
Our Bin filler is the solution for the dry filling of big bags. Single and double fillers are available. An innovative design with the necessary electronics technology ensures a constant flow of your fruits. The equipment has been set up to operate in such a way that it does not turn unnecessarily and therefore cannot cause any damage.

Dry filling of big bags

Underwater filling of big bags
As an innovative company, STAS NV Belgium saw that the bodies of water formed extremely expensive logistics solutions, but nevertheless were of high quality. In contrast to our competitors, STAS NV Belgium began as a pioneer in short channel filling. Our underwater fillers are characterised by their high degree of robustness, speed and efficiency, but above all by their compact design and the opportunity to save more than 50% of the space traditionally required. An additional advantage is that both pears and apples can be filled and due to the sustained innovation, bags can be filled with apples up to >320kg and pears up to 420kg.

Underwater filling of big bags

The design of a sorting solution also includes internal conveying and logistics.

Conveying of big bags
Our portal robots offer a contiguous solution. Depending on the required capacity, STAS NV Belgium offers a wide assortment. Stackers, destackers, lifts and ServoBots.
Our ServoBots are available with different axes, X-Y-Z-H-V, and are used in a wide range of big bag conveying solutions.